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Well-written . . . The title is irresistible . . . We are all Accidental Adults.
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Did the guys in Adam Sandler’s film “Grown Ups” seem familiar to you? They’re the sort Colin Sokolowski admires/ skewers/advises in The Accidental Adult
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Local writes book for ‘accidental adults’. 
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Colin writes a funny look on attempts at adulthood when really all you want to do is put on your foam finger, paint your face and be in the front row of your favorite sporting event. 
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6 questions we always ask: with Colin Sokolowski, author
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What, me worry? revisted: Adulthood is different for Generation X. A local man has written a handbook to guide them through the rough spots.. 
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A snarky look at how it feels to find that the nuclear fantasy snuck up on you and overtook your life. Peppered with advice for the hipster hoping to maintain a modicum of self-respect.
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The Accidental Adult will have you laughing, remembering the good ‘ole days.
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A hilarious collection of essays about the (not always easy) transition from sports cars to minivans, from lazy Sundays to soccer games, from dance clubs to school clubs.
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As a card-carrying Accidental Adult, this book hits close to home. An excellent resource for dudes who need to look grown up (without actually growing up). Funny stuff.
– Jeff Wilser, author of Maxims of Manhood

The Accidental Adult explores arrested development in hilarious, hopelessly adolescent detail… but charms the pants off you anyhow.
– Betty Londergan, author of I’m too sexy for my Volvo