“Growing up isn’t a crime.
Selling out is.”


Essays and advice for the reluctantly
responsible and marginally mature

A new book by Colin Sokolowski

Published by Adams Media (Avon, Mass.)

Who says acting your age has to mean losing your cool? If life’s the ultimate road trip, it’s time to stop listening to the GPS of typical, responsible adulthood. With a little guidance and a sure-fire sanity system for coping with life among the assimilated adults, you can survive the inevitable trek to middle age as an unapologetic accidental adult. Mid-life crisis? You’ve just met your match!

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Praise for the book

"A humorous approach to 30-something males. How to act your age without losing your cool."
-St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Peppered with advice for the hipster hoping to maintain a modicum of self-respect."
-Minnesota Parent

"The Accidental Adult will have you laughing, remembering the good 'ole days."

"Well-written . . . The title is irresistible . . . We are all Accidental Adults."
-The Huffington Post

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