You didn’t plan on this happening, but it did.

Your two-door coupe morphed into a sliding-door minivan.
Bar hopping turned into movie nights on the couch.
You used to write Viewer Mail to David Letterman. Now you write letters to the editor.
And golf? It’s not funny to suck anymore.

accidental adult (n.): an individual whose age indicates maturity, but whose approach to life suggests otherwise.

How can you act your age without losing your cool?
Fortunately for you, “There’s a chapter for that.”

Chapter 1 – Guyhood: An off-ramp on the road to Adulthood
Chapter 2 – Work: The ultimate role-playing game
Chapter 3 – Music: This is what you call a mixtape
Chapter 4 – Surburbia: Keeping your poise ‘n the hood
Chapter 5 – Entertaining: WTF? (Why three forks?)
Chapter 6 – Parenting: Do as I say, definitely not as I do
Chapter 7 – Transportation: SUVs and minivans – it’s how we roll
Chapter 8 – Home Improvements: Feeling like a tool
Chapter 9 – Civic Duties: Caring so little about so much
Chapter 10 – Athletics: Putting the beer in beer league
Chapter 11 – Hobbies: “Adult” entertainment (not that kind!)
Chapter 12 – Nostalgia: Checking in with your inner child

Welcome to life as an Accidental Adult.

This may not be the roadtrip you had bargained for, but why not have a little fun along the way?