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“You’ve got to read my blog!”

The older I get, the more easily annoyed I’ve become by the tired, ridiculous and at times, narcissistic drivel that adults sometimes say. Lately, I’ve decided the most annoying six-word string in the world is, “You’ve got to read my blog!” (A very close second is “You’ve got to try my homebrew!”)

With that in mind, I’ll promise to never act as though my thoughts here will forever change your world. But I do hope you can find some comfort and maybe a tip or two by following my foibles as I take this reluctant journey with you through adulthood. Because if acting our age is going to mean losing our cool, I’m here to tell you it really doesn’t have to be that way. This might not be the roadtrip we had bargained for, but why not enjoy the ride? Hop on, and stay tuned!