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Guys' Movie Night

Let the countdown begin. One week from tonight is my favorite night of the month. Well . . . maybe my second favorite evening, after Date Night with My Wife. (I just realized Kelly could be reading this.)

In my circle of college friends, the first Wednesday of the month is known as Guys’ Movie Night. By now, it’s become a somewhat sacred tradition where each guy takes a turn choosing the happy-hour spot, the movie to see and the bar to visit after the movie. Those who can’t attend are duly chastised for disrespecting the custom. (Those who pick lame movies are also castigated, but less so . . . )

Accidental Adult Advice Alert: You know that calendar in your kitchen where your wife posts silly notes like “Be home on time—it’s your turn to drive the girls to dance class” or “Call TiVo today to cancel service”? Well, try using that funny little grid to schedule a regular tradition with friends. Without an established event, getting together can often slide to the back burner. And if your friends are like mine, they’re great reminders that despite the daily grind of work, family life and forced maturity, your journey as a reluctant grown up is not a solitary one. Take it from me. If we can stick together, accidental adulthood truly can be a satisfying, grand way of life.